A message from Stephen Byron, CEO Canberra Airport

A message from Stephen Byron, CEO Canberra Airport

A message from Stephen Byron, CEO Canberra Airport

15 April 2020

I want to touch base with you at what is a very hard time for all as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic continues to grow so too does the unprecedented impact it is creating on businesses and services all over the world. Economic hardship is being felt by the global, national, and local economies.

As you well know the Canberra Airport and all the businesses associated with the airport are not immune to these economic impacts and the pressures of this time.

You may have noticed in this edition of FlyCBR, and on our billboard at the airport, that we have a large sign that says: ‘Canberra, we’re all in this together – BE SAFE, BE SMART, BE KIND.’

As well as our mantra ‘Here to Help’, our team is committed to keeping people safe and our business running as best we can for you our tenants, our staff and of course the Canberra community.

At this hard time, I thank you all for your patience and for working with us to get through this together.

Please do keep in contact with us as we work with you to agree on the most appropriate and best ways we can provide business continuity measures for your business.

We are doing all we can to support you and to remain engaged through all our usual channels so please stay tuned and keep involved on all our platforms.

We are all in this together, and I want you to know that the Canberra Airport team stands with you as we are all part of our Canberra community.

Be safe, be smart and most of all, be kind to one another during this time of hardship.