Business Park Guidelines

Business Park Guidelines


We are aware that many employers already have Workplace Health and Safety procedures in place regarding smoking.

Ash receptors are provided in most of the rubbish bins around the airport; please use these bins for the disposal of your butts. Any ashtrays or similar bins supplied by tenants are not permitted and will be removed.

Smoking on building balconies, in public access walkways seating areas or within ten metres of any building entrance or building air intake vents is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, smoking in any area where smoke could enter the building including doorways and building overhangs/covered entrances is also strictly prohibited. It is imperative that these guidelines are followed to ensure the health and safety of every person working in or visiting the airport precinct.


No pets are allowed in the parks including in the buildings, grass areas or car parks. The only exceptions are assistance animals that are approved by your workplace.


Due to the secure nature and privacy rights of our tenants, approval to take photographs of commercial buildings at, or around, Canberra Airport must be granted by the appropriate Canberra Airport representative.


For the consideration of others, the use of percussion tools is prohibited during normal working hours as is the use of radios, tape recorders or any other equipment likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other tenants is prohibited.


A full list of guidelines is available on request by contacting your Property Manager on (02) 6275 2222.