Bus Services to the Business Parks

Bus Services to the Business Parks

Bus Services to the Business Parks

23 March 2020

ACTION buses are no longer taking cash and all passengers are to enter and exit through the rear door. For timetable updates, please contact Transport Canberra directly.

Transport Canberra runs the following bus services to the Airport Precinct, including Brindabella Business Park and Majura Park.

ACTION bus route 3 is a regular service between Brindabella Business Park and the Canberra Airport terminal through to the City interchange, Belconnen interchange, Cohen St interchange to Spence Terminus, seven days a week including public holidays.
From Saturday 28 September, all buses will now stop at the Brindabella Business Park before stopping at the Airport. Prior to this upcoming change, the R3 bus route stopped at the airport before stopping at Brindabella Business Park. The busses will still leave every hour on the weekend but leave 4 minutes later than the previous service. They will leave at six past rather than two past.

ACTION bus route 54 is a regular service between Majura Park and the City Interchange, via Campbell Park and the War Memorial, seven days a week including public holidays.
New changes will cut down the number of services to 7 buses on Saturday and 7 buses on Sunday. Before the changes, a bus would normally leave every hour. With the new changes, the bus will leave every two hours.

Please view the timetables and route maps on the Transport Canberra website.

Qcity Transit bus route 834 is a service that operates Monday to Friday between Brindabella Business Park, Majura Park and the Queanbeyan interchange.

Please view the timetable and route map on the Qcity Transit website.