Gymbaroo moves online

Gymbaroo moves online

Gymbaroo moves online

27 March 2020

Kirstie from GymbaROO (a neuro-development program for babies and children in Fairbairn) advises our kids need to move their bodies to continue learning, so here is a list of free movement programs you can access at home:

If you have always wondered what we do – we have gone online! Our classes from non-mobile babies to 6 years old’s are now available online – to enrol head to or contact Kirstie ( Go Noodle – very popular with schools, it engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos Cosmic kids yoga has been a hit with my kids – easy yoga poses with a fun storyline PE with Joe – for children of all ages, superstar fitness coach Joe Wicks is hosting free PE lessons over YouTube every day during the Coronavirus outbreak. Designed for a small space like your living room and no need for any equipment Debbie Doo on YouTube – great movement routines to simple songs, perfect for younger kids The Learning Station on YouTube – a huge range of fun action songs kids will love Dance Sweat Live on YouTube – the mini-workouts feature simple dance routines to popular songs, great for older kids

Reading is such an important base skill for our little ones, our favourite free reading options at the moment are:

David Walliams is the author of some of the funniest kids books, and every day he is releasing a free audiobook of his – read by him! Head to: and choose ELEVENSES WITH THE WORLD OF DAVID WALLIAMS Storyline Online has celebrities reading books to our kids – I was very excited to see Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog! Reading Eggs – they have a 30-day free trial perfect for our at-home period, great for all levels learning to read. My 6-year-old is enjoying this one at the moment. They also have a maths application.

Writing is our 3rd focus whilst we are at home, some of our activities include:

Pen pals! We have started writing to all our family members interstate, and school friends too! Writing Blueprints – for our older kids we have downloaded a free course teaching young writers the basics of story writing

Fine motor and social play

Lego is an amazing tool – they can build their fine motor skills whilst using their imagination to create worlds and storylines across all ages.