Raytheon Australia and CAG partnership

Raytheon Australia and CAG partnership

Raytheon Australia and CAG partnership

06 July 2021

Raytheon Australia prides itself on investing in long-term partnerships with Australian businesses and suppliers, and this includes its partnership with the Capital Airport Group. The two companies recently celebrated their 20-year partnership with a community BBQ, bringing together employees and colleagues from both organisations.

Raytheon Australia is a technology company focusing on multi-domain systems integration and whole-of-life capabilities for the Australian Defence Force. They have had a presence in Australia for more than twenty years, including here in Canberra.

As the company has grown its footprint in Australia over the last two decades, so has its presence at Brindabella Business Park.

When their offices were established in 2000 the company occupied a single floor of 4 Brindabella Circuit. This building offers beautiful vista across Brindabella Business Park in addition to overlooking the adjacent BBQ areas, gardens and water feature.

Fast forward to 2021, the company is utilising the whole building, including three levels of office spaces and the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE).

The company built the CAVE in 2017 to allow engineers to use virtual reality technology to streamline research and design processes, significantly reduce both lead time and costs. This visualisation and collaboration environment comprises of 72 3-D video screens in a 320-degree arc, surrounding users.

“Raytheon Australia has been established here at the Brindabella Business Park for the more than two decades and our partnership with the Capital Airport Group has meant we have created a long-standing legacy here in Canberra,” said Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward.

“We have toured local SMEs and partners, federal ministers, ambassadors and overseas executives through these facilities, showcasing our world-class technologies,” said Mr Ward.

“The technologies we have established on these premises are integrated into our Australia-wide network of labs, making it easier for us to collaborate with our customers.”

The company has also been a long-term advertising fixture in Canberra Airport, with their billboard located in the baggage reclaim area.