Sports and Leisure Terms and Conditions

Sports and Leisure Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The Facility is only available for the use of tenants of Canberra Airport and their officers, employees and contractors.
  2. We agree to provide you with access to and use of the Facility on the Booking Date and for the Booking Time, in accordance with these Terms & Conditions of Use.
  3. You must:
    a) only use the Facility for the Approved Purpose;
    b) at the end of the Booking Time on the Booking Date, vacate the Facility, remove all your rubbish and other property in or around the Facility and otherwise leave it in a clean and tidy condition;
    c) comply with all legislative requirements, consents, approvals and authorisations applicable to your use of the Facility and the Approved Purpose;
    d) comply with all of our directions, notices, health guidelines, request for attendee information and other requirements applying to users of the precinct at Canberra Airport where the Facility is located. This includes precinct rules, parking restrictions, work health & safety requirements and the prohibition on smoking within 10 metres of any opening to a building at Canberra Airport (including air grilles, vents, diffusers, entry and exit points etc).
  4. You must not without our prior written consent:
    a) access the Facility, including for set-up purposes, more than 30 minutes before the Booking Time on the relevant Booking Date;
    b) conduct any activities or use any materials or substances which may cause a safety or security hazard or otherwise cause a nuisance to others at Canberra Airport. We may direct you to immediately cease any activity and/or direct that persons immediately leave the Facility and Canberra Airport if we consider this provision has been breached;
    c) erect any structures including but not limited to tents, marquees, sun shelters, jumping castles, amusement rides (including slides and swings), platforms or stages, scaffolding and/or towers for cameras or sound systems, generators, signage, flags and banners, portable toilets, pickets, stakes and fences, tables and chairs; and
    d) use any public address systems or play music which, if approved, must not compromise the right of other tenants of Canberra Airport to quiet enjoyment of their surroundings.
  5. We may:
    a) access the Facility at any time on the Booking Date to undertake urgent repairs or maintenance or as we require in the case of an emergency; or
    b) close the Facility at any time due to wet weather and/or to carry out repairs and maintenance.
  6. We make no representation or warranty as to the suitability of the Facility for your purposes and you use the Facility at your own risk.
  7. We are not liable for any injury to you, your officers, employees, contractors, invitees or attendees or any loss or damage to any of your property or the property of any officer, employee, contractor, invitee or attendee of yours in connection with the use of the Facility. We may require you to provide a risk assessment for the Approved Purpose and evidence of public liability insurance prior to allowing you to access the Facility.
  8. You agree to indemnify us for:
    a) any loss of or damage to our property or any property of our employees, agents or contractors; and
    third party claims for personal injury or loss or damage suffered or incurred (including by any of your employees, contractors, invitees or attendees) in connection with the use of the Facility.
  9. You are responsible for the costs of rectifying any loss or damage to any of our property at Canberra Airport. You must pay for any such loss or damage on demand.
  10. In the event of an emergency or a security incident, you, your employees, contractors, invitees and attendees must immediately vacate the Facility at the direction of either our employees or contractors or a law enforcement body (such as the Australian Federal Police).
  11. You must ensure that all your employees, contractors, invitees and attendees involved in your event are aware of and comply with these Terms & Conditions of Use as necessary.

Terms and Conditions of Booking

  1. Applications for use of the Facility may only be made by tenants of Canberra Airport.
  2. We may, in our absolute discretion, refuse your booking.
  3. We may, in our absolute discretion, cancel your booking:
    a) immediately, if we consider that your planned event is causing, or is likely to cause, safety or security issues at Canberra Airport (including potential harm or nuisance to our tenants) or is otherwise causing harm to our reputation or corporate image; or
    b) by giving you not less than 3 business days’ notice, for any other reason.

Booking Cancellations

  1. If, at any prior to the Booking Time you decide not to use the Facility, we ask that that you provide as much notice as possible so that the Facility is available for use by other tenants of Canberra Airport.
  2. Please notify us of cancellation of your booking by email to .


In these Terms & Conditions, words with a capitalised first letter (defined terms) have the same meaning given to those words in the online booking form, unless otherwise specified.

In addition:

Approved Purpose means BBQ, oval, tennis court, basketball and volleyball court. and excludes use of the Facility for promotional or fundraising activities.

Facility means a BBQ, oval, tennis court, basketball and volleyball court. and includes any associated items supplied by us for use of the Facility, for example tennis nets, volleyball nets.

Weus or our means Canberra Airport Pty Ltd ABN 14 080 361 548; and

You or your means the individual who, or the organisation or entity which is applying to use the Facility.